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For service call (401)365-1695 or email: service@gktrefrigeration.com

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About Us

GKT Refrigeration has served the commercial refrigeration needs of the restaurant and hospitality industry in Southern New England since 1981.

Our primary focus is service, installation and sales of new systems as well as in the repair and routine maintenance of existing systems. Fast and reliable service is at the heart of our operation. Specializing in the food service industry, GKT Refrigeration offers our customers emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experience-based maintenance strategies are customer centered, and take a cost effective approach that is always mindful of the long term operational requirements of your facility.

Every GKT Refrigeration employee receives regularly scheduled training and monitoring on new equipment and procedures, with a special emphasis on these applications in the food service environment.

The most frequently asked question: 

What do the letters GKT stand for?

Many years ago three business men started a service company to do exactly what we do today. The letters stood for the first letter of each of their names, a common practice in coming up with a name for a business. In the beginning it really was just three letters. However as time passed, those three letters became more than just letters. A reputation was built.

Now GKT has grown past those three little letters, those three men are no longer around and we have built a service company that stands for so much more, literally and figuratively. So now when someone asks, what does GKT stand for? Well, to say “customer satisfaction and fast response” would be cliché, of course, that’s what customers want. We really feel that there is much more to it. Our pride for our name, our good reputation and our passion for what we do, drives us to care. We look at our customers as partners. We need them and they rely on us to be there when they need us the most. We appreciate the loyalty our customers have given us.

So the answer is this…we stand for valuing our customers loyalty and showing our integrity to them by doing whatever it takes to “exceed  their expectations “ in providing and solving whatever service they need 100 % of the time.